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Organization Diagnosis & Development

As leaders we only have three levers to pull – strategy, organization design, and talent on the top team. Strategy and talent have gotten a lot of attention over the past decade. But unaligned organizations can undermine good strategies and competent people can’t maximize their potential when the organization is an obstacle to the right conversations.

Most productivity and performance issues can be attributed to poor organizational design. Poor organizational design often results in, among other things, confusion within roles, a lack of coordination among functions, and failure to share ideas. A company can have a clear mission, talented people, and great leaders, and still not perform well because of poor organizational design.

At Clique HRM we provide a comprehensive diagnosis of your organization, with a complete report on its structural soundness, alignment of business goals, procedures, policies, culture, process flows, governance, manpower distribution, compensation & rewards system and any other areas peculiar to your firm. A step further, you may opt for the Organization Development programme in which our team shall design the best suited setup for you in all the above areas and draw a detailed plan of action to roll out and manage the change. What we guarantee is enhanced productivity and organization effectiveness which are tangible and measurable.

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