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Performance & Competency Management

A company can have world-class systems in place, but it is only as effective as its managers who implement it. Performance is what drives an organization’s survival and success in the market. In today’s environment the business pressures are ever-increasing and organizations are now required to be even more effective and efficient, execute better on business strategy, and do more with less in order to remain competitive.

A good performance management system essentially consists of two elements – people & process.  The process element includes items such as job descriptions, rating criteria, the time period of performance appraisal discussions, and reward and recognition systems. The key component of the people element is the manager, who drives the system by setting expectations, communicating plans, encouraging development, and giving and receiving feedback.

At Clique HRM, we can help you put in place a tailor-made performance & competency management system for your organization aimed at aligning employee’s roles with that of the company’s strategic objectives, providing visibility and clarifying accountability related to performance expectations, identifying career paths for performers, linking performance and rewards in fair manner & providing appropriate learning and development opportunities. We shall audit your KPI’s and design a balance scorecard for an effective measure of your employee’s performance and the organization as a whole.

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