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Manpower Optimization

Yet another first of its kind, Clique HRM offers you Idle Manpower Optimization, an unique service aimed at resolving your woes of idle or excess manpower. Organizations involved in labour supplyor employing large blue-collar workforces often face this dilemma of managing idle/excess manpower or excess manpower between their projects thereby incurring millions as expense on their salaries for almost zero returns. For example you may have over a hundred welders / fabricators idle with you since the current project is over and the next project is a few months away. On the other hand there are many organizations which require manpower for short term projects. At Clique HRM we have the largest network of manpower suppliers and employers and we have a live database of excess/idle manpower with these organizations, updated on a daily basis.

What we offer is a platform to match the surplus and shortage aiming to balance the workforce movement in the region. On one hand you save millions by offloading these idle manpower and on the other hand the receiver gets ‘off-the-shelf’ manpower to cater to his short / long term requirements without the ordeal of a fresh recruitment cycle.

Two simple steps:

  1. Contact Us – Please contact us by phone, email or even a text message and our team shall be in touch with you to take your requirements.
  2. Hear from Us – Within 3 days we shall arrange an interim outplacement for your excess / idle manpower.

For more information and free consultation please contact us.

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