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Mergers and Acquisitions represent one of the most difficult and chaotic challenges for an organization and managing this process well is very critical to the success of the new emergent. The post integration challenges involved in managing the change and handling differences in organization cultures, employee concerns, benefits, structures, work procedures and process flows. At

As leaders we only have three levers to pull – strategy, organization design, and talent on the top team. Strategy and talent have gotten a lot of attention over the past decade. But unaligned organizations can undermine good strategies and competent people can’t maximize their potential when the organization is an obstacle to the right

A company can have world-class systems in place, but it is only as effective as its managers who implement it. Performance is what drives an organization’s survival and success in the market. In today’s environment the business pressures are ever-increasing and organizations are now required to be even more effective and efficient, execute better on

Over the years, HR has made steady and tangible progress in its contribution globalizing business model and workforce. However, most organizations continue to face an evolving set of challenges with respect to their HR strategy, structure and service delivery model. It is vital that your organization has an HR setup that plays an important role

In current scenario of complex business organizations, the success of Human Resource Management not only depends on best HR practices, but also on how these practices are delivered to the employees. HR service delivery influences the attitude and behaviour of employees and therefore it is pertinent that an organization has a high quality delivery model.

It’s hard to think of an important aspect of management more neglected than development planning: helping your employees shape the future direction of their careers.  Yet for a variety of reasons, this valuable activity is often ignored or handled as a bureaucratic exercise or an afterthought.  Companies pay a high price and that is – the

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