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Training & Development

It’s hard to think of an important aspect of management more neglected than development planning: helping your employees shape the future direction of their careers.  Yet for a variety of reasons, this valuable activity is often ignored or handled as a bureaucratic exercise or an afterthought.  Companies pay a high price and that is – the loss of top young talent. Companies generally satisfy the employee needs for on-the-job development and that the employees value these opportunities, which include high-visibility positions and significant increases in responsibility.   But, in many organizations, nothing much is done in the way of formal development, such as training, mentoring and coaching of the employees.

Training & development is important for an organization since it helps in addressing employee weakness, improvement in performance, enhanced productivity, improved quality of service, reduced supervision and an enhanced brand image.

At Clique HR we shall help you in all aspects of Training & Development including conduct of a Training Needs Analysis, Evaluating Training Effectiveness, Competency Gap Analysis, Audit of the Training and Development Function, Career Development and Succession Planning.

For a more detailed discussion and a free consultation on the process, please Clique here.

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